7th June 2017 / Product Reviews, Technology / The Creative One

Product Reviews – CAKE


At New Media Co, we use CAKE by Accelerize as our primary marketing software. As a performance marketing agency, we need a reliable, dynamic marketing software to manage all of our marketing data. CAKE does everything we could ever need, and more.

A big part of performance marketing is lead generation. When we generate leads, we need these leads to be collected in a system where we can view and manage them. CAKE allows us to do this, and provides us with extensive information on these leads such as the device type and region the lead came from, and the time and date the lead entered the system. When a lead enters the system it is tracked from first click all the way to sale to lead buyer.

CAKE also allows us extensive customisation in the fields required for our campaigns. Some campaigns may require that we collect information on the date of birth of customers, or the price range of a loan that they require. CAKE has all of the fields we may need to use.

We can also ensure that the requirements for these fields are met. We can ensure leads are automatically sent into the review queue if they contain, for example, letters in the phone number field. We can also make sure that leads containing profanity are automatically thrown out by the system and not sent on to the buyer.

Another important feature is that we can provide information on our offers to our affiliates on the New Media Co Network. CAKE lets us create log ins for our affiliates (and clients) where they can see our current offers and relevant details on running these offers. Clients and publishers can also use their log ins for information on campaign performance, revenue, and to access campaign creatives.

The third party integrations for CAKE mean that even if our clients and publishers use a different system, we can integrate our network so that it communicates with theirs.

CAKE also holds information for us on our clients and publishers, including contact emails for account managers, which can be handy when you’re looking for a contact email address. The search function on CAKE means that we can search for anything we need in the system, from lead ID, to advertiser, affiliate, campaign, creative, sub ID and more.

We use CAKE to keep track of revenue, pay-out to publishers, the percentage of clicks that become leads, the average cost per lead, profit and EPC (earnings per click). CAKE shows us statistics on our leads in real-time, with graph views on the performance of campaigns, allowing us to optimise campaigns with up to date, comprehensive information. This means we can ensure our campaigns are running at the highest possible standard.

CAKE provides a support service 24 hours a day, so we can contact them with any issues that arise with the system and they will respond to help us solve our issue.

The user-friendly interface (which has customisable colour schemes and banner image) means that CAKE is easy on the eye, and straight-forward to use. Whatever marketing needs we have, CAKE provides what we need.