19th July 2017 / Product Reviews / The Creative One

Product Reviews – CAKE (2)


A few weeks ago, we wrote about CAKE, our performance marketing software of choice. You can read that article here. We talked about our need for a reliable and dynamic marketing software to manage all of our marketing data, and some of our favourite features. But there are plenty more features that we love and make use of on CAKE at New Media Co.

It is important that we are able to export reports from CAKE. Data can be exported in Microsoft Excel format, and then it can be used for whatever purpose we require including producing analytical reports and providing feedback manually to clients and publishers.

CAKE can be integrated with other software solutions. These include email validation software and suppression file software. At New Media Co, we have integrated CAKE with a call-management software. CAKE is very easy to integrate with other types of software.

If an offer is specific to a region e.g. to the UK, you can prevent traffic from other countries from reaching the page. You can redirect traffic to a 404 error page if the user is in the wrong region, or redirect to any other page that you require it to redirect to.

If an offer is inactive, you can redirect to another offer page instead of just presenting an error page. For example, if you have a casino page that is inactive, you can redirect to another casino offer instead.

A client can return leads using CAKE and give a reason for the return by choosing from a drop-down of options. You can then approve or reject the return of the lead.

You can send emails directly from CAKE to your clients, affiliates and contacts on CAKE. This can be useful for sending information to all the relevant people without needing the contact information in your email client, and without needing to open and send from your email account.

You can block or approve affiliates sending leads to a specific buyer. For example, you can approve leads so that Publisher A’s leads only go to Buyer 1. Alternatively, you can block Publisher B’s leads so that they never go to Buyer 1. This can be useful if certain affiliate’s leads work better for some buyers than others. This is good if some buyers are interested in one type of lead which is often supplied by Publisher A, and others are interested in a different type which is often provided by Publisher B. The same can be performed for Sub IDs too.

Users on CAKE can see the history of changes made to leads, which can be useful when trying to find out when a price change was made, or when the lead was created.

Users can set up email alerts from CAKE. Examples are if buyer credit low, if there have been too many clicks in short time, or when a campaign reaches its click or conversion cap. These email alerts can help ensure campaigns run as smoothly as possible.

If you’re interested in a performance marketing software solutions, check out CAKE.