About us

New Media Co is reflective of our people – they make our company. We are dynamic, vibrant and driven. Our creative approach and vision mean we are unparalleled in establishing and supporting your brand.

We aim to build long term partnerships with brands. We are committed to enriching relationships between brands and audiences, and keeping on top of the latest trends.

With our experience in digital marketing, we can offer global reach and diverse solutions (including in-house technology). We’re skilled in many fields including website design, digital marketing, content marketing and lead generation, and have even launched our own brands.

Our professional, passionate team work together to achieve results. Separately we are management, developers and analysts – together, we are innovators and problem solvers.

Our Team

Ross Butterfill


Ross heads up the sales and media side of the business. With 10 years’ experience in financial services and digital marketing, Ross is instrumental in the day-to-day running of the business. Utilising his experience from owning and managing businesses, Ross is sales and target driven with a creative flair and an eye for detail.

I'm - the one to blame for the Crystal Palace sponsorship

I'd - like to be able to sing like Frank Sinatra

I'll - never stop working

I drink - Havana 7 and Coke, chunk of lime (not a slice), 3 square ice cubes, in a short glass

Do I really need to - iron everything I wear?

Simon Page


Simon is in charge of the operational side of the business. He has 10 years’ experience in lead generation and digital marketing. Simon is technically minded and responsible for the development and implementation of IT software and New Media Co’s tracking platform. Instrumental in client relationships and development, Simon brings his technical and creative experience into running campaigns.

I'm - always listening to Capital FM (my colleagues love me for it)

I'd - love to be able to play a round of golf using other clubs, not just my 7 iron

I'll - always have one for the road

I drink - red wine, preferably Chateauneuf du Pape

Do I really need to - eat so much chocolate?

Scarlett Randall

Operations Manager

Scarlett is New Media Co’s Operations Manager, ensuring a strong connection with affiliated businesses and managing the company’s human resources. She is in charge of the planning and execution of the daily operations and activities of the business. Scarlett ensures the business runs smoothly and efficiently, and that we meet the needs of our clients.

I'm - obsessed with Miniature Schnauzers

I'd - like to be able to eat something hotter than a korma!

I'll - win the lottery this Christmas

I drink - Red Red and more Red

Do I really need to - go on?!

Paulina Zawadzka

Senior Tech Developer

As Senior Tech Developer, Paulina builds websites and html creatives. She writes, debugs and executes the source code of sites, and manages the technical side of New Media Co’s in-house platform. She is responsible for the underlying architecture of our creatives.

I'm - terrible at parking

I'd - like my parrot to stop biting me

I'll - beat you at foosball

I drink - vodka any flavour any kind

Do I really need to - always be cold?

Sam Ratford

Digital Media Officer

Sam is the Digital Media Officer at New Media Co, managing the company’s social media, producing analytical reports, and researching events we attend. Using a variety of content management techniques, Sam curates social audiences for our clients.

I'm - always wearing hoodies

I'd - like to travel more (and scratch some countries off my scratch map)

I'll - definitely forget if I don’t write it down

I drink - Diet Coke. Probably too much.

Do I really need to - buy another ‘Mountain Goats’ album?

Charlie Boud

UX Designer

Charlie is New Media Co’s UX designer, and is responsible for designing creatives in the form of banners, emails, website imagery and headers. He designs accessible websites and emails, focusing on usability.

I'm - not a fan of answering questions

I'd - like a different set of questions please

I'll - clean your car if you let me off this task

I drink - when asked to answer questions

Do I really need to - do this


The Dog

Olive (aka Olivia) is a miniature Dachshund and like her owner Ross she needs lots of attention and like her owner she whines when she doesn't get it.

I'm - very stubborn

I'd - like to sunbathe all day

I'll - never go for a walk if it's cold

I drink - water

Do I really need to - always chase squirrels


The Dog

Hershey is a Cockapoo and can often be found sitting in on client meetings with his owner Simon.

I'm - handsome

I'd - prefer to be on a walk

I'll - always take treats

I drink - filtered water

Do I really need to - go to work today?